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Perhaps by accident or a stroke of meticulous German planning, Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, is located at the geographic center of the country surrounded by rolling mountains. Its not only the perfect place to . .
Country: Namibia
City: Windhoek
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour
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Perhaps by accident or a stroke of meticulous German planning, Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, is located at the geographic center of the country surrounded by rolling mountains. It’s not only the perfect place to start or finish your holiday, but well worth a visit in its own right.

The influence of German colonization is still present in language, architecture and restaurants where one can savor traditional dishes, bread and beer, and even celebrate Oktoberfest if the timing is right. During the day the city center has a European café culture feel, laid-back and eclectic, with a pedestrian precinct, bustling shops and market stalls. It all makes for great people watching, and due to Namibia’s complex and intertwined history, you will see people of all colors and cultures. Away from the cafes, guided tours are available of many of Windhoek’s main attractions such as:

1. Hero's Acre:
This modern, state of the art national symbol was inaugurated by His Excellency, Dr Sam Nujoma, and President of the Republic of Namibia on 26 August 2002 and is situated on the outskirts of Windhoek on the road to Rehoboth. Its construction was motivated by the need to foster the spirit of patriotism and nationalism and to pass on this legacy to the future generation of Namibia. The Heroes' Acre took 13 months to construct and it covers a total area of 732.9212 hectares. It houses 174 graves, is 286.70 meters long and has a width of 134.20 meters. It has a parking area of 9824.34 meters while a three kilometre palisade fence protects the monument.

2. Parliament Building and Garden:
Also referred to as the Tintenpalast is situated in Robert Mugabe Avenue. The name derives from the German word of "Tinte" (meaning "ink") and "Palast" ("palace"), due to the high amounts of ink used. It is the seat of the Namibian parliament since independence in 1990.
The Parliament Garden is one of the most beautiful and well kept park areas in Windhoek. It was designed in 1931 and built in 1934.

3: Katutura:
This suburb built on South Africa’s apartheid policy in the 1950’s is now a crowded mix of people from different cultures living together in peace and harmony. The same can be said of the entire city.

4. National Botanic Gardens:
This green lung is located on a hill between Klein Windhoek and the city centre. The National Botanical Garden of Windhoek has been a conservation area since 1969 and represents the diversity of Namibia s floral kingdom. Take note of the mountain aloe which is characteristic of Namibia s capital the quiver tree which inhabits the arid south and the poisonous candelabra euphorbia which grows in the northwest of the country.

5. Alte Feste:
This old fort was built in 1890 to protect the early settlers in Windhoek and was once the home of the German Schutztruppe. The Alte Feste was built in 1890 to protect the early settlers in Windhoek. The building was declared a National Monument in 1957 and has housed the historical section of the Windhoek State Museum since 1962. The Alte Feste now exhibits historical artefacts and has interesting information on Namibia from its earliest inhabitants and tribal culture to the independence.

6. Independence Museum:
The grand triangular shape that houses the Independence Museum is the newest addition to Windhoek s skyline. The museum and monument dedicated to Namibia s struggle for independence is situated in the historical district on Robert Mugabe Avenue. The 40 metre shiny giant stands in a stark contrast to its neighbour the Alte Feste. The museum includes a sky-high restaurant and historical displays as well as the Independence Collection.

7. Namibia Craft Centre:
Located in the Old Breweries Building the Namibia Craft Centre is the country‘s biggest hub for arts and crafts. This large market on Tal Street is not only the best place to buy arts crafts traditional clothing and jewellery, it also offers a range of refreshments and snacks for hungry shoppers.

8. Windhoek Railway Station:
Railway enthusiasts will love this historic building. In front of the 1913 building you will see a narrow-gauge locomotive from 1900 that used to run on the Windhoek Swakopmund line. On the first floor of the building the TransNamib Railway Museum is a treasure chest of information and memorabilia.

9. National Art Gallery of Namibia:
The gallery is situated in one of the newer buildings on Robert Mugabe Avenue. The permanent collection finds Unity in Diversity by exhibiting historical and contemporary Namibian artworks. The collection features artists such as John Muafangejo Joseph Madisia Pedro Vorster Susan Mitchinson and Inatu Indongo. Alternating exhibitions take visitors through the Namibian art landscape. Don’t miss the Sculpture Garden and the Garlic and Flowers Restaurant which serves palatable breakfasts lunches and dinners.

10. Owela Museum:
Situated between Robert Mugabe Avenue and Luderitz Street the Owela Museum focusses on natural history and anthropology. Owela is the name of a traditional African game that is presented in front of the building. The museum shows exhibits from Namibia‘s natural history and has interesting and educational displays of Africa s earliest inhabitants. Entrance to Owela Museum is free but a donation towards an AIDS charity is much appreciated.

11. Turnhalle:
The historic building on the corner of Robert Mugabe Avenue and Bahnhof Street has an interesting history. The Turnhalle Building, German for gymnasium, was built in 1909 and extended in 1913. Its original purpose was for gymnastic competitions and school sports. The Turnhalle gained historical significance in 1975 when it housed the first session of the Constitutional Conference of South West Africa / Namibia also known as the Turnhalle Conference. In 2003 the Turnhalle building was renovated and now houses the SADC Tribunal.

12. Zoo Park:
This public park is a favourite hangout for locals and visitors alike. Framed by Independence Avenue Zoo Park is a centrally located green lung. Tall palm trees give shade on hot Namibian days and a pond creates an area of tranquillity within Namibia's capital. Zoo Park also has a children's playground and an open air theatre.

13. Post Street Mall and Town Square:
The heart of Windhoek's shopping district. Vendors and crafts people line the pavement and shopping opportunities are concentrated in this area. The variety of restaurants is ideal to relax and refuel. A particularly popular spot is the Kaiserkröne Shopping Centre with its beer garden and restaurant.

14. Christuskirche:
Situated on the Corner of Fidel Castro Street and Robert Mugabe Avenue. Built by Tunschel and Wilke to accommodate the Lutheran congregation. Drecker laid the original sandstone in 1886. This striking landmark is now a historical monument.

15. St Georges Cathedral:
Situated on the corner of Love and Sinclair Streets, this is the smallest functional cathedral in Southern Africa. The bell in the tower was one of a set cast for St Mary's Church in Northwall, Canterbury. On the same grounds is St George's School with its unusual Mansard roof. The school is today used as a kindergarten.

16. Joe’s Beerhouse:
Probably the most famous restaurant in the Southern Hemisphere. The atmosphere is that of an Old Inn with hunting trophies and antiques. Joe's is actually a bar, but the braai game is excellent and the selection of great beers wide. A must visit...

17. UNAM: Visit the University of Namibia and other higher educational institutions in the city.

18. Diamond Works:
Do a sparkling tour. Get to know how this precious gemstone and Namibia’s number one export, the Diamond, is cut and polished, from a ruff stone to a sparkling wonder.

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