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Tsumeb, Namibia
Situated at the northern end of the TransNamib Railway, Tsumeb serves as the agricultural, financial and business center for northern Namibia. Located in an area named the Otavi Triangle, Tsumeb enjoys mild winters and relatively high rainfall during the hot summer months from October to March. Due to abundant moisture which produces vibrant displays of jacaranda trees, bougainvillea and other flowering plants, this city carries the name of “Garden City.” Agriculture flourishes in this climate with the growth of maize, wheat and many types of fruits and vegetables.
Tsumeb operates as the gateway for locations in northern Namibia such as Etosha National Park and Owamboland. Travel northward from this point is by vehicle only. Located to the northwest of the city, two incredibly dark lakes exist, appearing to be virtually bottomless. Collapsed underground caverns created vast sinkholes that eventually filled with water. Because of the existence of caves at the bottom of the lakes, the depths of Otjikoto and Guinas have never been accurately measured. Guinas serves as home to the tilapia guinasana, a fish found nowhere else in the world, while Otjikoto sustains no life at all. Believed to be the largest meteorite in the world and located just outside of Tsumeb, Hoba attracts visitors to view down into its crater.

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