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Tsau Khaeb National Park

Luderitz, Namibia

It was formally known as the Sperrgebiet National Park. Tsau-Khaeb National Park (Tsau meaning Soft and Khaeb meaning Sand) is newly proclaimed jewel in Namibia’s protected area network. Since 1908 the largest part of the Tsau-Khaeb National Park was left undisturbed and closed to the public for nearly a century following the discovery of a diamond at Kolmanskop near Lüderitz by the railway worker, Zacharias Lewala. Although this was done to protect the mineral wealth of the area, it also contributed to safeguarding the Succulent Karoo ecosystem, which has the highest diversity of succulent flora globally.

The park has giant rock arches, meteor craters, fossil and archaeological sites including Africa’s most important shipwreck discovery and some of the most pristine and wild landscapes on the planet. Some 1 050 plant species are known to occur in the park, nearly 25% of the entire flora of Namibia on less than three per cent of the land area of the country. 

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