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Mudumu National Park

Windhoek, Namibia

Mudumu National Park:
Situated in the eastern Caprivi Strip on the eastern bank of the Kwando River. The Kwando River breaks up into a maze of channels as it flows towards Lynyanti. The Mundumu National Park section is characterised by a riverine forest and extensive floodplains of Papyrus swamps. East of the river the vegetation is a combination of grassland and dense stands of mixed Teak, Terminalia, Combretun, Burkea, Arcacia and Mopane.

Unusual for a National Park there is a private lodge within its boundaries – Lianshulu Lodge – which offer guided walks, nature drives, boating and bird watching. An astonishing 430 species of birds have been recorded which is nearly 70% of Namibia’s total, and much game including the rare sitatunga and red lechwe as well as buffalo, elephant, zebra, antelopes, hippo and crocodiles.

There is also a basic campsite in the park. Visitors must be self-sufficient and carry adequate amounts of food water and fuel.

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