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Gaub Cave

Grootfontein, Namibia

The Gaub Cave located on the historical Farm Ghaub. Local tradition accredits the discoverer of the Gaub Cave as being Dr. H. Vedder the well known ‘South West Africa’ missionary historian. In the farm’s ‘record’ book there is reference to Dr. Vedder having visited the cave some time during 1913. The first known written report of the cave appeared in the German Deutsche Kolonialzeitung in 1914 in an article submitted by F. Jaeger and L. Waibel, who had both travelled in South West Africa the year before.

The cave entrance is literally a hole in the ground. Several of the passageways have areas where there are low hanging rocks that have sharp edges, so take care when moving around. It is warm and humid underground. Not recommended for  people who suffer from claustrophobia.

The Gaub Cave System does not have the large and dramatic Stalactite – Stalagmite formations that for example the famous Cango caves near Outdshoorn in South Africa has. However, there are many unusual, attractive and interesting geological features that will satisfy even the most seasoned of cave enthusiasts. Petrified waterfalls, organ pipes, crystal growths and rock curtains are just some of the amazing  features that can be seen in the Gaub Cave.

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