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Dorob Park

Windhoek, Namibia

Dorob Park:
With the declaration of the Dorob National Park on December 1, 2010, the last piece of the puzzle has finally been put in place, thus converting the total Namibian coastline of 1570 km  into the eighth largest protected area in the world and the largest park in Africa, called the Namib-Skeleton Coast National Park.

The Dorob National Park stretches from the Kuiseb Delta (south of Walvis Bay) northwards to the Ugab River; and westwards from the low water mark of the Atlantic Ocean towards the border of the previous National West Coast Tourist Recreation Area.

Being one of the most unique parks in the world, the Dorob National Park along the central Namibian coast caters for various leisure, tourism and sports activities while also providing for conservation measures and specific conservation areas.

Visitors to the Dorob National Park, can enjoy various leisure, sports and tourism activities in the park, but must familiarize themselves with and obey certain regulations, laws and rules set out to protect and preserve wild animal life, fisheries, wild plant life and objects of geological, archaeological, historical and other scientific interest and for the benefit and enjoyment of the inhabitants of Namibia. Therefore some activities in the Dorob National Park are allowed, while others are not.

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